Jpeg vs Raw

A jpeg file is a lossy raster format. It compresses the image to make the file smaller. This type of file is the one most used in images. A raw file is the one that contains all the uncompressed and unprocessed image data. That was captured by the sensors of a digital camera or scanner

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Pop art is a style of art based on simple, bold images of everyday items that are put into bright colors that pop. This artist’s work is considered pop art because he uses lips that everyone has and put 4 pictures of the same one together but in different bright colors. The artist’s, Andy Warhol, […]

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Camera Modes

There are many types of camera modes, and all of them do something different. automatic modes, portrait modes, Marco mode, landscape mode, sports mode, night mode, movie mode, semi-automatic modes, shutter priority mode, program mode, fully manual mode, and manual mode all work for different things. The recommended camera mode for when starting shooting would […]

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white balance

what is white balance? white balance is the color temperature. overall working with white balance has been really fun. i learned which lighting works best with which. i also now understand how everything works and looks like. i learned that the cloudy works best being outdoors. Sunny, which works for mid-morning and mid-afternoon sun Shade, […]

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